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Our online project management software, YZ Project Manager, allows users, managers, and all executives to access and share critical data on a real-time basis. The software provides online workflow capabilities for managing projects. It also monitors project completion time and time-to-market. Users will have access to all critical project information via secured login and password entry. Managers will be able to monitor productivity for users, groups and departments. They could also measure real-time individual and team performance. The tool allows constant monitoring of project costs. The online messaging system will allow users to easily and frequently communicate among each other and monitor user communication. Detailed reporting provides managers with full statistics on project status, cost, and performance.


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Web based Project Management software for use online with many additional features within version 3.0. All lists can now be accessed with alphabetic quick links. Reminders can be specified to appear up until the selected date. Export feature allows project and task data to be exported and saved as a TAB DELIMITED file. Depending on the extension the user provides, the data may be accessed for future management as a spreadsheet or a document. Both data reporting and graphical reporting based on queried search. All tabs may now be customized to suit the preference/orientation of a company's office. Our online project management software is continuously adding new features whilst remaining very user friendly and simple.